Colloquium Series Spring 2016

Friday, January 22
Reception to Follow
"From the Margins to the Center: Exploring Black Women's Interpersonal Communication”
Sharde Davis
Department of Communication, University of Iowa
Sharde Davis will present her research on how ethnicity and gender shape communication processes.

Friday, February 5
Apps for Academics"
Jonathan Cisco
Assistant Director Campus Writing Program, University of Missouri
Dr. Cisco will share with us apps that will improve our productivity as scholars. You won't want to miss this session! Apps will be related to research as well as teaching activities.

Friday, February 12
Job Talk/ Dissertation Presentations
Featuring Our Dissertating Students in Communication!
This colloquium session provides the opportunity for dissertating students to share their research with the Department. Students on the academic job market may use this as an opportunity to practice a job talk.

Friday, February 26
"Chronic Youth
: Disability, Sexuality, and U.S. Media Cultures of Rehabilitation"
Julie Passanante Elman
Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, University of Missouri
Dr. Elman will present her research on disability, youth, and popular culture.

Friday, March 11
Reception to follow
“Tweeting and Commenting About Ferguson: National and Local Perspectives”
Joshua Hawthorne, Esther Thorson, Mitchell McKinney, and Kellie Stanfield
Department of Communication & School of Journalism, University of Missouri
Joshua Hawthorne, Dr. Thorson, Dr. McKinney, an d Kellie Stanfield will share with us their collaborative research Project on Twitter responses to the Ferguson case.

Friday,  April 8
Reception to follow
The Loren Reid Distinguished Lecture Series Presents:
"The Politic s of Censorship in Iran: Enabling Constraints and Journalistic Agency”
Mehdi Semati
Professor of Journalism, Northern Illinois University
Dr. Semati earned his PhD in Communication at Mizzou and return s to share with us his work. Please join us for This special event as Dr. Semati presents research on Iranian media, journalism, and global politics.

Friday, April 22
ersity 101: Evaluation of an Online Diversity Education Program for Faculty and Staff”
Marlo Goldstein Hode, Lissa Behm-Morawitz, and Alexie Hays
Department of Communication & Chancellor's Diversity Initiative, University of Missouri
Dr. Gold stein Hode, along with Dr. Behm-Morawitz and Alexie Hays, will present a collaborative effort to evaluate An online campus diversity education program for faculty and staff.

(Unless otherwise announced, all colloquia meet on Friday in 101 Switzler Ha ll from 3:00 - 4:00 pm)