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Students in the Department of Communication will gain a broad range of knowledge and skills to become communication experts, effectively crafting and critically evaluating messages for a variety of audiences and contexts, developing convincing arguments, conducting research, and understanding communication as a tool for persuasion and advocacy.

As an undergraduate major, you will choose a specialization in interpersonal, media, organizational, or political communication. For graduate students, we offer two additional specializations: health and crisis; and identity and diversity communication.

The Department of Communication is ranked as a Top 10 program by Academic Analytics. Our award-winning, nationally and internationally recognized faculty offer hands-on learning opportunities through:

  • undergraduate and graduate research
  • study abroad
  • internships

The Department of Communication embraces a diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to nurture your academic progress and foster your career success. Our students have been recognized for their academic achievement across campus and within the community. Come study with us!

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