Health/Crisis Grad Plan

Course List for Health and Crisis

Health and Crisis Communication

The health and crisis communication emphasis area examines interpersonal communication, social interactions, mediated communication, organizational communication, and public communication related to health or crisis contexts. These processes are critical to public health, health promotion and education, well-being, resilience, and policy efforts. Health and crisis faculty often work as part of interdisciplinary teams to examine communicative activities that have important implications for individuals, children, families, organizations, schools, and communities.

The Faculty

Health and crisis communication faculty study health communication and messaging in settings such as families, organizations, schools, and communities. Crises examined include organizational and community crises as well as events such as natural and human-caused disasters.

Graduate Coursework

Health and crisis communication graduate coursework provides of strong foundation of communication research training in interpersonal and family, mediated, and organizational contexts. Additional coursework addresses important health and crisis topics such as stigma, disasters, resilience, and more.

Health and Crisis Research Groups

Disaster and Community Crisis Center

Institute for Family Diversity and Communication

Media and Diversity Center

Health/Crisis Faculty

Haley Horstman Haley Horstman
Assistant Professor
220 Switzler Hall
Brian Houston Brian Houston
Associate Professor and Chair
204 Switzler Hall
Rebecca Meisenbach Rebecca Meisenbach
Associate Professor
218 Switzler Hall
Julius Riles Julius M. Riles
Assistant Professor
210 Switzler Hall