Organizational Communication Graduate Plan of Study

Degree Program: 
Graduate, MA, PhD

The Organizational Communication area focuses on the various ways in which we produce, enact, and generally conduct our lives in various organizational contexts. We explore organizations at the interpersonal, cultural, and social levels, with emphasis on creating ethical, constructive communities in both for profit and non-profit settings.

The Faculty
The organizational communication faculty use a variety of methods—including rhetorical, qualitative, and quantitative—to explore organizational communication phenomena. They explore topics such as socialization processes, power in organizations, identity, identification, emotion management, and managing destructive workplace processes.

Graduate Coursework
The coursework is designed to provide both breadth and depth of knowledge about organizational communication. The classes explore the various ways in which we can define organizational communication, the ways in which organizations themselves are a product of communication. The courses also examine intimate and significant communication processes by which we are defined and define ourselves as organizational members. The research collaborations between faculty and students have resulted in numerous publications in scholarly journals.

Organizational Communication Faculty

Debbie Dougherty Debbie S. Dougherty
109 Switzler Hall
Rebecca Meisenbach Rebecca Meisenbach
Associate Professor
218 Switzler Hall