Undergraduate Program in Communication

We are proud of our undergraduate program in Communication, just as we’re proud of our students. Our students are bright, perceptive, ambitious, focused, dedicated, and involved. They are leaders on campus and in their communities. They have high aspirations for an interesting career. They are cooperative and inquisitive students, they want to learn how to improve their networking skills, they seek out internships to gain experience in the ever-changing world of communications, and they are involved with our student organizations. They seek careers in sales, public relations, marketing, advertising, promotions, political consulting, corporate communications, event planning, social media, media production, research, law, education, and public policy.

The next deadline for the application for Communication major is Monday, September 10th, 2018 - 5:00 pm

This is the application link:


Students must have the following requirements completed prior to the start of the Fall 2017 semester to apply:

  • Math 1100 OR 1050 and English 1000 (grade of C- or better in both)
  • One MU Communication course (grade of B- or higher is preferred)
  • A competitive MU GPA (2.6 or higher)

The application is online and can be completed on a mobile device or traditional computer. You may save it and complete it at a later time if you desire.

Suggestions for filling out the application:

  • Obtain a copy of your academic profile, which can be found on MyZou. On MyZou go to Self Service > Academic Records > Request Student Academic Profile. The profile will be e-mailed to you university e-mail account.
  • Have an additional tab or internet browser available in case you need it.
  • Complete your answer to the short essay question, “How can a Communication major help meet my goals?” ahead of time. Your response can be copy and pasted into the application.

Applications cannot be edited once submitted. Please e-mail Alex Anderson (andersonai@missouri.edu) if you have any issues or questions regarding the application.

Admitted students must be in the Communication Department for two semesters to be eligible for graduation. Example: The earliest a student admitted in February 2018 can graduate is December 2018.

Students who graduate from Mizzou with a degree in communication will learn how to

  1. Navigate information-rich environments using communication theories and models.
  2. Critically evaluate arguments and messages.
  3. Effectively advocate their values, beliefs, and opinions using communication principles.
  4. Create persuasive messages for a variety of context (public speaking, relationships, organizations, media) using verbal and nonverbal, written, and mediated communication.
  5. Analyze communication research and critique its methods, arguments and claims.
  6. Work together in collaborative groups to set and accomplish common goals.
  7. Exhibit professional and ethical standards in all communication contexts.

To see our advisor, Alex Anderson, please click here. Send him an email at andersonai@missouri.edu

For new students seeking information about advising, please contact the Advising Center at 573-884-9700 or the Student Success Center on Campus. They can help answer your immediate questions about the undergraduate program.

Graduation for undergraduates is May 13th, 2017 at 4:00pm. They will graduate with a Bachelors degree in Arts & Science

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