Mediated Communication

The Mass Media area focuses on theory and research related to media content and use, media effects, and audience reception.  Scholars in this area study the psychological processes of media use and effects, media representation of cultural groups, effects of immersive media and social networking, audience reception of popular culture, and fan studies. 

Graduate Program for Mediated Communication

Mediated Communication Faculty

Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz
Associate Professor
215 Switzler Hall
MichaelColeman Michael A. Coleman
Assistant Teaching Professor
104 Switzler Hall
Joset Christopher S. Josey
Visiting Assistant Professor
208 Switzler Hall
. Jenny Lewallen
Post Doctoral Fellow
315 Switzler
Riles Julius M. Riles
Assistant Professor
210 Switzler Hall
. Ashton Speno
Post Doctoral Fellow
315 Switzler