Debbie S. Dougherty

Debbie Dougherty
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Dr. Debbie Dougherty (Ph.D. University of Nebraska) is Professor of Communication at University of Missouri. Her research specializes in organizational communication. Her research program explores the relationship between power and organizing, particularly as related to gender, emotions, and social class. She is most widely recognized for her research on sexual harassment with numerous publications on this topic in national and international journals. Her research on emotions, especially emotional intelligence has been widely used by scholars across disciplines and around the world. Extending her research, Dougherty has begun a systematic exploration of the relationship between organizational communication and social class. Her book titled “The Reluctant Farmer: Exploring Work, Social Class, and the Production of Food” provides theoretical and practical terrain for understanding how we communicatively produce and reproduce social class in Western Society. That work is extended in her most recent study exploring the experience of unwilling unemployment.

Dougherty specializes in complex qualitative research design, and is working on a book with that title. Her research has been published in journals such as Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, Communication Yearbook, Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication Research, and Sex Roles. She currently sits on the editorial board for eight scholarly journals. She has received numerous awards for her research and community projects including the Management Communication Quarterly Article of the Year Award; Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award; and the Excellence in Education Award.  Her work as been recognized in the discipline through 10 top-four paper awards at both regional and national conferences. In addition, she and her husband own a small farm in Missouri and produce most of their own food.

Frequently Taught Courses
Com 4476 - Organizational Communication
Com 4974 - Senior Capstone
Com 8110 - Introduction to Graduate Study in Communication
Com 8130 - Seminar on Qualitative Methods

Research Interests
Organizational power, especially as it relates to sexual harassment
Emotion in organizations
Feminist standpoint theory

Authored Books
Dougherty, D. S. (2011). The Reluctant Farmer: An Exploration of Work, Social Class, and the Production of Food. Troubador Publishing.

Sample Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals 
Dougherty, D. S. & Goldstein Hode, M. (2016). Binary Logics and the Discursive Interpretation of Sexual Harassment Policies.  Human Relations.

Krone, K. J. & Dougherty, D. S. (2015). From emotional labor to critical emotional agency. The Electronic Journal of Communication. Volume 25,

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Dixon, J., & Dougherty, D.S. (2014). A Language Convergence/Meaning Divergence Analysis Exploring How LGBTQ and Single Employees Manage Traditional Family Expectations in the Workplace. Journal of Applied Communication Research 42, 1-19

Denker, K, & Dougherty, D.S. (2013). Corporate colonization of couples' work-life negotiations: Rationalization, emotion management, and silencing conflict. Journal of Family Communication, 13, 242-262.   

Smith, F., & Dougherty, D. S. (2012). Retirement and the American dream: A master Narrative.  Management Communication Quarterly, 26, 453-478. Winner of the Management Communication Quarterly Article of the Year. 

Dougherty, D. S., *Mobley, S., & *Smith, S. (2010). Language Convergence and Meaning Divergence: A theory of intercultural communication. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 3,164-186.

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Dougherty, D. S., & *Atkinson, J. (2006). Competing ethical communities and a researcher’s dilemma: The case of a sexual harasser. Qualitative Inquiry, 12, 292-315.