Identity/Diversity Grad Plan

Course list for IDC

Identity, Diversity, and Communication

The Identity, Diversity, and Communication area focuses on communication processes central to experiences of social identity, culture, and difference.  The communicative (re)production and consequences of prejudice and tolerance are explored through lenses of intergroup theorizing, stigma, and power. Faculty work as part of interdisciplinary teams to illuminate identity formation and diversity in terms of representations, cognitions, and relationships.

The Faculty

Scholars in this area are engaged in research across a range of contexts including organizations, media, and interpersonal/family relationships. Research aims to understand a variety of social categories, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religion, family structures, and (dis)ability.

Graduate Coursework

Identity, Diversity, and Communication graduate coursework provides of strong foundation of communication research training in interpersonal and family, mediated, and organizational contexts. A wide variety of methodological are included in potential coursework, ranging from quantitative to qualitative, critical, and rhetorical methods.

Identity, Diversity, and Communication Research Groups

Institute for Family Diversity and Communication

Media and Diversity Center

Identity, Diversity, and Communication Faculty

Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz
Associate Professor
215 Switzler Hall
Colleen Colaner Colleen Colaner
Associate Professor
212 Switzler Hall
Debbie Dougherty Debbie S. Dougherty
109 Switzler Hall
Haley Horstman Haley Horstman
Assistant Professor
220 Switzler Hall
Christopher Josey Christopher S. Josey
Assistant Teaching Professor
208 Switzler Hall
Rebecca Meisenbach Rebecca Meisenbach
Associate Professor
218 Switzler Hall
Julius Riles Julius M. Riles
Assistant Professor
210 Switzler Hall