Warren Davis

Warren Davis
MA - Univ. of Missouri
311 Switzler Hall

Warren Michael Davis (M.A., University of Missouri) researches health in a mediated context. Approaching the concept of health from the perspective of the World Health Organization (WHO), “…a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, he works to understand how the messages in our environment construct our social reality and contribute to our health behaviors, outcomes, and general well-being.

Specifically, he aims to identify problems that are health related, conduct empirical research in order to find the cause of these problems, and then create applied solutions that will address said problems. His aspirations to create community-based solutions to practical and theoretical problems has led him to participate in the Deaton Scholars Program, working to battle health issues related to food insecurity and homelessness.

In addition to his role as a researcher and teacher, Warren has served in various leadership and service roles on the University of Missouri’s campus. Most recently working as the Social Outreach Coordinator for the Media & Diversity Center, as well as the Vice President for the Association of Communication Graduate Students, both in the Department of Communication. Additionally, Warren works as a Graduate Fellow within the Reynolds Journalism Institute, conducting applied research with Fellows from the Associated Press as well