Tyler Sorg

Tyler Sorg
MA - Indiana Univ.-Purdue
007A Switzler Hall

My name is Tyler Sorg and I’m a Third-Year Organizational Communication Scholar. In my time at Mizzou, I have been studying leadership, power, organizational culture, and most recently, sexual harassment. Studying sexual harassment as given me two publications—one being in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, highlighting key issues around the #MeToo movement, and the other providing a contribution to the Handbook of Sexual Harassment, demonstration the effects of bystander intervention.  

I have also been granted the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Dougherty, doing consulting work with organizations to help improve their approach to sexual harassment. We have worked with local, medium-sized organizations as well as The United States Army. I have presented work at NCA and CSCA, on sexual harassment and leadership. When I’m finished with my PhD, I hope to get a tenure-track position while maintaining my role as a consultant.