Undergraduate Program in Communication

Want to be a Communication Major?

Have you completed ALL of the following requirements?

  • 60 total credit hours
  • English 1000 with a C- or higher (Freshman English, or Exposition and Argumentation)
  • Math 1050/1100 with a C- or higher (College Algebra)
  • Communication Course at MU with a C- or higher (on this campus)

If you have completed all of these requirements you need to file a Communication graduation plan. Call 573-884-9700 to schedule an appointment with a Communication advisor in M110 Student Success Center. Tell the office you need to create a graduation plan. Space is limited, so schedule now!

If you have not completed one or more of the above requirements, you need to schedule an appointment with an advisor in M110 Student Success Center. Call 573-884-9700 to schedule an appointment. They can help you plan ahead to prepare you for filing a plan later in your academic career. If you are a Pre-Communication major and you do not meet the requirements above, continue to meet with your current advisor for the time being.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Changes to the Major (FAQs)

Where is the upper level application?
There will no longer be an application. All students are considered Communication majors from the moment they declare/switch their major.

Why do I need to file a graduation plan?
A graduation plan establishes your graduation date. During the process an advisor will also help you develop a semester-by-semester plan for planning purposes. Failure to file a graduation plan in a timely manner will result in a registration hold.

I am Pre-Communication major. What happens to me?
You will be switched to a Communication major automatically. You will need to file a graduation plan once you meet the requirements listed above.

Is there still a GPA requirement for the major?
There is no longer a GPA requirement to become a Communication major. Students must also earn a C- or higher in every Communication course. A major and cumulative 2.0 GPA is required to graduate.

When/how can I enroll in upper-level Communication courses?
Upper-level courses will be available to Communication majors only during early registration on a first-come, first-served basis. All majors who meet the listed pre-requisites for a course can enroll. It is very important to enroll in Communication courses on, or close to, your enrollment date. Upper level courses will open to non-Communication majors after early registration ends if space is still available.

Do I have to be a declared major for a minimum amount of time before I am eligible to graduate?
No. As long as you complete the necessary course requirements, there is no minimum amount of time you need to be in the major.

I am considering adding Communication as a double/dual major. What can I do to add the major?
Follow the steps outlined above. If you meet the requirements to file a Communication graduation plan you will need to start that process.

When is the best time to declare a Communication major?
You can declare the major at any time. If you are coming from a different school or college within MU (outside of the College of Arts and Science) you will need to submit a Transfer of Division form before the semester’s deadline (https://advising.missouri.edu/majors-minors/changing-major).