All declared Communication majors can apply for an internship through the Department of Communication.

Although you will be working as an intern while simultaneously earning academic credit, you are approved by the Department of Communication to earn a wage if offered by the internship provider/company.

A typical student has the opportunity to earn 1-3 hours of credit for a single internship. The number of credit hours is based on the number of hours of internship work you successfully complete. For the duration of the semester, this amounts to the following:

50 hours = 1 credit
100 hours = 2 credits
150 hours = 3 credits

You are only allowed 40 hours of communication credit toward meeting the necessary graduation requirements. If your internship contributes to exceeding that amount, the hours will not be counted towards graduation.

Once you have been offered an internship, complete these steps in order to ensure that you will receive credit from the Department of Communication for your internship experience.

1. Complete the INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM and return it to Dr. Stephen Klien at 108 Switzler Hall. Please open the application in Adobe Reader. You can then fill it in and print it off.

2. Once your application has been received and approved, you will receive a course permission number. Use that number to register for COMMUN 4940 on MyZou.

3. You must keep a record of the hours you work (feel free to use the log provided in the back of the Internship handbook). At the end of your internship, have your supervisor verify your hours and sign your hour log. The hours log can be found here. Please open the hours log in Adobe Reader. You can then fill it in and print it off.

4. Midway through your internship, complete the MIDTERM SELF-EVALUATION FORM sent by the Department and return it to Dr. Stephen Klien at 108 Switzler Hall. The form can also be accessed here.

5. At the end of the semester, you will be asked to turn in an INTERNSHIP PORTFOLIO. While you can be creative about the format of this portfolio, it must contain the following elements:

     a. A final self-evaluation in which you reflect upon your internship experience. Feel free to use the prompts included in the back of the handbook as a guide; however, you should write in essay format and not Q&A format (3-4 pages).

     b. A sample of your work as an intern (reports, proposals, press releases, etc.).

     c. An updated resume.

     d. A sample cover letter. This letter should model how you would present yourself for another internship or job.

     e. A log of your internship hours approved and signed by your supervisor.

6. Upon receiving these materials, the Department will send your internship supervisor a STUDENT INTERNSHIP EVALUATION FORM and will ask them to complete the form and return it to 108 Switzler Hall.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact Dr. Stephen Klien at 573-882-0525 ( or Cathy Illingworth at 573-882-4431 (