Association of Communication Graduate Students (ACGS)

The purposes of the Association of Communication Graduate Students organization are to:

  • Enhance communication among Communication graduate students and between students and faculty and to provide a social arena for that purpose;
  • Provide community service to students and the public;
  • Promote the professional development of graduate students by aiding them in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to function as professionals in teaching, scholarship, and related professions;
  • Aggressively pursue opportunities to advance the professional and political position of Communication graduate students.
ACGS Members

President: Shaye Morrison
Vice President: Ellen Jordan

Secretary: Blessing Okafor
Treasurer: Chandrika Collins
iCOM Advisors: Maddy Pringle, Go-Eun Kim
LPE Advisors: Xu Cen, Olivia Watson
GPC Representative: Alaina Leverenz
Graduate Student Representative: Rikki Roscoe