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Want to be a Communication Major?

If you are applying to Mizzou for the first time, you can declare a Communication major when you apply as a freshman or as a transfer student . You can get more information about applying from the MU Admissions website.

Current Mizzou students who are interested in declaring Communication as a major can either schedule an appointment with a Department academic advisor by searching for “Communication, Sociology, and Theatre Advising” on MU Connect OR by emailing communication@missouri.edu to establish a connection with an advisor.

What Can a Comm Major Do?

As a communication major, you will acquire expertise in oral, written, visual, and mediated communication. You will be able to develop persuasive messages and campaigns for organizations or consult with corporations on issues related to employee interactions and team effectiveness.

Our graduates are employed in public relations, marketing, advertising, event planning, political campaigning and consulting, public policy, corporate and non-profit communication, social media, media production, research, law, education, and social advocacy. You might work in large corporations and smaller community organizations. Many communication majors go on to work for themselves as consultants or as founders of start-up companies. Our graduates frequently go on to graduate school in fields such as law, business, psychology, and communication.