The faculty members are keenly aware of our role in helping students appreciate and effectively negotiate the complex communication processes they encounter. Although we live in a changing world, the fundamentals of communication remain constant. Come see what we can do for you.

We offer the Bachelor of Arts and the MA and PhD degrees. Our focus areas are:

Interpersonal and Family Communication

Mass Media

Organizational Communication

Political Communication

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In the News

Julius Riles

New Communication faculty member studies how the media we use influences our attitudes toward others.

Dr. Debbie Dougherty

Research by Dr. Debbie Dougherty and Dr. Marlo Goldstein Hode indicates that employee interpretation of sexual harassment policies may render the policy ineffective.

Brian Houston

The Disaster and Community Crisis Center, co-directed by Dr. Brian Houston, is developing tools for educators helping children involved in natural disasters.

Horstman Haley

Research by Dr. Haley Horstman and her colleagues shows that the stories adoptive parents tell their adopted children help to shape who they are and how they fit into the family unit.

Turns out primary debates matter way more than the generals - Vox

Dr. Mitchell McKinney and Dr. Ben Warner received national attention from Vox.com for their presidential campaign debate research.