Graduate Funding and Awards

The following internal funding and awards are available to all current graduate students.

Internal Research Fellowship Opportunities – selected from student applications

  • The Steven A. and Susan J. Beebe Doctoral Student Scholarship Endowment in the department of communication serves to support a Summer Research Fellowship for doctoral students. Funds provide a doctoral student with a summer stipend to aid in the completion of a research project. Deadline February 15.
  • The Rebecca Verser & Alumni Graduate Student Support Fund offers a small grant to support Department of Communication graduate student research. Awards are given for a specific graduate student project. Deadline September 15.
  • The Michael J. Porter Dissertation Year Fellowship supports a doctoral candidate in Communication with a fellowship during their fourth year of graduate study. The fellowship recognizes excellence of a dissertation project in the Department of Communication, as well as the doctoral candidate’s past research productivity and potential to make a significant impact in the discipline. Deadline September 15.

Awards – selected from peer and/or faculty nomination

  • The Graduate Student Achievement Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student in the department who demonstrates excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service.
  • The Loren Reid Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student who demonstrates excellence in teaching, inspires learning, practices creative thinking, and shows a generous spirit toward students.
  • The Graduate Research Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student who has been active in conducting research and demonstrated excellence in quality of work and commitment to advancing the knowledge in our field.
  • The Frank & Lila Gilman Memorial Fellowship Award is selected by the faculty and presented to an outstanding graduate student in rhetoric and public address. The award comes with a very generous stipend.
  • The Outstanding Service Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide service to the Department.