Celebrating Recipients of the Mizzou’18 and Mizzou’39 Awards

The Mizzou Alumni Association and the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board recently held their annual recognition event, celebrating 18 high-achieving graduate and professional students, as well as 39 outstanding seniors. This year, the Communication Department had a strong representation among the honorees.

The Mizzou’18 Award honors 18 University of Missouri graduate and professional students in the final year of their degree eligibility. Recipients of the Mizzou’18 Award are selected for their world-class research, collaboration with faculty and staff, and demonstrated leadership with undergraduate students. This year, Alaina Leverenz, a recent graduate from the doctoral program in Communication and a mentee of Haley Horstman, was honored with this award.

In addition to the graduate student awards, 39 undergraduate students were presented with the Mizzou’39 Award. These outstanding seniors were chosen for their academic achievement, leadership, and service to Mizzou. Among the recipients were members of the Communication Department: Tabitha Crain, a Communication major with minors in Criminology and Juvenile Justice, mentored by Daniel Hanneken, and Esau Emmanuel Hernandez Sanchez, majoring in Communication and Business Management, mentored by Kevin Hales.

The Communication Department is proud to celebrate these scholars and is delighted to see such strong representation among this year's honorees.


Alaina Leverenz

Major: Communication

From: Hallsville, Missouri

Mentor: Haley Horstman



A photo of Alaina Leverenz


A photo of Tabitha Crain

Tabitha Crain

Major: Communication

From: Strafford, Missouri

Mentor: Daniel Hanneken



Esau Emmanuel Hernandez Sanchez

Major: Communication & Business Managment

From: Mexico, Missouri

Mentor: Kevin Hales



A photo of Esau Emmanuel Hernandez Sanchez