Undergraduate research spotlight: Tanner Smith

Tanner Smith, a sophomore studying communication and political science in the College of Arts & Science, has been involved in undergraduate research from the the very beginning of his academic journey at Mizzou. Tanner and a team of undergraduate students conduct research for the ASH (arts, humanities, or social science) Scholars Program project, Minority-Focused News as a Locus of Empowerment. The research project is led by two Department of Communication faculty members: Julius Riles, associate professor, and Christopher Josey, an associate teaching professor, who also serves as the director of honors program and undergraduate research, and A&S Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research.

The research project examines how marginalized groups are represented within news media, specifically how minority focused news websites that serve African Americans and Latinx individuals impact consumer self-esteem, views of others and news trustworthiness.

Learn more about Tanner and the ASH Scholars Program project: https://youtu.be/v6booTKN0G0

Tanner also assists with a research project that focuses on Polish intergenerational storytelling. The study led by Haley Horstman, an associate professor in communication, looks at how (and if) individuals are using stories from their parents and grandparents to make sense of the war in Ukraine.

The ASH Scholars Program is supported by the Honors College and Office of Undergraduate Research.