William L. Benoit

Dr. Benoit swims with a stingray
Professor Emeritus

Dr. William (Bill) L. Benoit served on faculty at MU from 1984-2009, during which time he was promoted to Professor and made significant disciplinary and university contributions. Dr. Benoit has sustained a long and productive career in communication. He has published 23 books and numerous journal articles and book chapters, making substantive theoretical and educational contributions to the fields of political and crisis communication. Dr. Benoit is also an accomplished teacher and mentor. 

Read his recent books:

Benoit, W. L. (2022). Communication in political campaigns: A functional analysis of election messages (2nd ed.). New York: Peter Lang.

Benoit, W. L., & Billings, A. (2020). The rise and fall of mass communication. New York: Peter Lang.

Benoit, W. L., & Glantz, M. (2020). Presidential campaigns in the age of social media: Clinton and Trump. New York: Peter Lang.