Bre Prater

Bre Prater Photo
M.S., Texas Christian University
007A Switzler Hall

Breanna “Bre” Prater researches organizational communication, specifically how individuals express or repress their different identities within different organizational contexts and how their performance impacts the organizational culture. Breanna is also interested in studying how familial communication may alter identity formation, or how an individual’s family communication dynamics may affect their work / organizational communication.  


Breanna is a current Ph.D. student at the University of Missouri. She received her M.S. in Communication Studies from Texas Christian University (TCU; Fort Worth, TX) and her B.S. in Communication Studies / Strategic and Organizational Communication (minor in Marketing / Public Relations) from Southwest Baptist University (SBU; Bolivar, MO).  


At the University of Missouri, Breanna is the is a graduate instructor for COMM 1200: Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Additionally, Breanna has previous experience teaching a survey of communication course.