Lindsey P. Vazquez

Pic of Lindsey P. Vazquez
M.A. - University of South Alabama
004A Switzler Hall

Lindsey Vázquez is a doctoral student in Mizzou’s Department of Communication. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in Communication from the University of South Alabama. She also completed minor tracks of study in meteorology and geography. As an undergraduate, she coordinated the Southeastern Coastal and Atmospheric Processes Symposium (SeCAPS). As a graduate student at South Alabama, she served as a Public Speaking Teaching Assistant and presented her research at multiple meteorology conferences. 

Lindsey plans to continue her research in disaster and crisis communication, hoping to improve severe weather communication and communication surrounding other disasters. Growing up in New Orleans and living along the Gulf Coast for many years, she is familiar with the challenges of effectively communicating the threat of hurricanes, floods, and other severe weather threats.   Lindsey currently teaches COMM 1200 (Public Speaking).