Health And Crisis Communication

The health and crisis communication emphasis area examines interpersonal communication, social interactions, mediated communication, organizational communication, and public communication related to health or crisis contexts. These processes are critical to public health, health promotion and education, well-being, resilience, and policy efforts. Health and crisis faculty often work as part of interdisciplinary teams to examine communicative activities that have important implications for individuals, children, families, organizations, schools, and communities. The Health and Crisis Communication area features the Disaster and Community Crisis Center (

Health And Crisis Communication Faculty

MA - East Tennessee State University
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor, Director of International Programs
Professor and Chair
M.A. - University of Missouri School of Journalism
Associate Professor
M.A., University of Lagos
Assistant Professor
(573) 882-4431
Associate Professor
M.A. - University of South Alabama
M.A., Xiamen University