2.5 Readmission and Recertification of Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates who are seeking readmission to the program after their initial time to degree and extensions have expired may apply for readmission into the program and recertification. In order to be allowed to seek readmission and recertification, an advisory committee (consisting of the student's advisor and at least 2 other committee members) and the Director of Graduate Studies must determine that there is sufficient evidence that the student is likely to complete the degree. If granted, these policies and procedures apply:

  1. The student completes 3-6 hours of Independent Reading under the supervision of the advisor and other members of the advisory committee as needed. The student will take at least one semester (15 weeks) to complete the independent reading.
    1. a. The student will select up to four broad areas for study in consultation with the advisors (e.g., rhetorical theory, political communication, new technologies).
    2. b. The Independent Reading course includes consultation with the committee members, independent reading, and culminates with written work as determined by the advisory committee (such as a literature review).
    3. c. The readings will focus on the literature published after the date of last comprehensive exams. Some literature on methods must be included.
    4. d. The advisors may require the student to take additional coursework before writing recertification exams.
  2. After completing the independent reading (and any additional coursework if assigned by the committee), the student will take a re-certification exam (a full 15 hour examination, writing for all members of the advisory committee. Two weeks after writing the exam, the advisory committee will conduct an oral examination over comprehensives.
  3. If the committee evaluates the exam as satisfactory, the student is recertified for up to three years from the date he or she passed the oral examination to complete a dissertation. No further extensions or appeals will be allowed under any circumstances.
  4. If the exam is unsatisfactory, the advisory committee may allow the student to rewrite all or part of the examination. The committee may assign additional independent readings and/or coursework. The rewriting of the exam cannot take place until at least 3 months after the previous recertification exam.

The student will sign a copy of the recertification program to acknowledge that they understand the procedures. A signed copy of this form will be filed with the Graduate School. The Graduate School will be notified, in writing, of the outcome of the recertification exam.