Undergraduate Student Policies

1.1 Grade Appeals

1.2 Alternative Credit for Comm 1200

Graduate Student Policies

2.1 Leave Policy for Graduate Students

2.2 Ph.D. Student Qualifying Exam

2.3 Graduate Students Teaching Advanced Classes

2.4 Graduate Feedback on Job Applicants

2.5 Readmission and Recertification of Doctoral Candidates

2.6 Honoring Deceased Graduate Students

2.7 Graduate Student Printing Policy

2.9 Policy for TA Distribution During the Regular School Year

2.10 Guidelines for TA Priority Ranking for Summer Teaching

2.11 Fifth Year Support for Graduate Students

2.12 Graduate Student Admissions Committee Members

2.13 Graduate Student Admissions Procedures

2.14 Graduate Student Travel Fund Policy

2.15 Refreshments at Oral Defenses

4.6 Graduate Student Representation at Faculty Meetings

Faculty Policies

Faculty Appointment Policies

3.1 Criteria for Appointment to Graduate Faculty

3.2 Criteria for Appointment to Doctoral Faculty

Faculty Promotion Policies

3.3 Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Assistant to Associate Professor

3.31 Promotion and Tenure Publication Expectations

3.4 Guidelines for Promotion to Professor

3.5 Policy for Promotion of Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Faculty Evaluation Policies

3.6 Evaluation Criteria for Merit Raises for First Semester Tenure-Track Faculty

3.7 Evaluation Criteria for Merit Raises for Tenure-Track Faculty After the First Semester

3.8 Evaluation of Chair in Teaching, Research, and Service

3.9 Evaluation of Faculty Administrative Functions

4.8 Merit Raises for Faculty

4.9 Feedback to Faculty in Annual Evaluations

4.95 Faculty Workload Policy

Faculty Leave Policies

4.12 Departmentally Supported Rotating Released Time for Research

4.21 Sabbatical Procedures and Policy

Administrative Policies

4.1 Procedures for Selecting a Chair in the Communication Department

4.14 Procedures for Selecting the Director of Graduate Studies

4.15 Procedures for Internal Departmental Appointments

4.2 Policy on Confidential Files in the Department of Communication

Faculty Meeting Policies

4.6 Graduate Student Representation at Faculty Meetings

4.20 Non-tenure Track Faculty Meeting Attendance

Faculty Grant Policies

4.17 Department of Communication Guidelines on F&A and Salary Savings Plan

4.17.2 Faculty Grant Reward Program

Faculty Committee Policies

2.12 Graduate Student Admissions Committee Members

4.4 Search Committee Chairs

4.7 New Faculty on Department Committees

Other Faculty Policies

4.3 Summer Teaching Policy

4.11 Copy Procedures for Department of Communication Faculty

4.16 Policy on Faculty Office Assignments

Development Policies

4.5 Development Plan

Fiscal Policies

4.10 Reimbursement Procedures

4.18 Policy for Compensation for Teaching Substitution

Research Policies

4.13 Policy for Comm 1200 Research Participant Assignments

5.1 IRB Research Understanding

5.2 Research Lab Guidelines

International Policies

6.1 International Visiting Scholars/Researchers Program