2.7 Graduate Student Printing Policy

The budget at the University of Missouri and the Department of Communication continues to be under serious scrutiny and we must reduce spending. As we examine every facet of the department budget for cuts, one noticeable place that requires attention is the use of paper in the printer on the first floor used by all graduate students. First, the sheer amount of paper use is staggering and must be reduced. Second, there is considerable waste with individuals printing material and then never picking it up. We cannot afford to continue these practices.

As a result, there will be some changes in how printing is handled in the department.

First, all graduate student computers that are networked to the department printer will require you to enter a password before you can print to the department’s main copy machine on the first floor (116 Switzler). Graduate students will be issued individual passwords for printing and this will allow us to monitor how many pages you print on a monthly basis. You will use the same password when copying directly at the copy machine in the copy room.  

Second, we want to clarify our policy about what should be printed on department printers. Graduate students may use the printer to print instructional materials for the classes they are teaching. This may include materials such as a quiz, power point slides, limited but necessary handouts, and general resource material for your lectures.

Graduate students may not use the printer to print materials for classes they are enrolled in for graduate credit. This would include articles, syllabi, papers, notes, resources, etc. Also, graduate students are not to use the department printer to print conference papers or other research activities (if you are working on a research team with a faculty member the faculty member should copy any needed research team materials). We would like to be able to support your printing needs in areas other than teaching by providing you with unlimited paper and printing supplies, but the reality of the matter is that we simply cannot afford it.

Graduate teaching assistants will be limited to a maximum of 100 pages per month. This should be more than adequate to cover your instructional needs. Requests for the printing of course syllabi and exams should be submitted to Cathy Illingworth (and these copies will not be counted against your 100 pages per month limit). Once you reach your copy limit your copy code will no longer allow you to continue making copies. Should you reach your limit and need a few additional copies for necessary teaching handouts, you will need to submit a copy request and have these copies made by Cathy Illingworth.