2.9 Policy for TA Distribution During the Regular School Year


In order to determine which TAs teach which classes during the regular school year, the following procedure and guidelines has been approved by the faculty.


1. All faculty members using or overseeing TAs and the DGS will hold a meeting to determine which TAs will teach which sections. No TAs may be notified of their assignment prior to this meeting.

- If TAs desire to teach a particular course, they are welcome to express interest to any of the faculty members who uses TAs (who can bring this up at the meeting), however, that interest will not supercede other considerations, such as competence, equity, and the like.

2. TA distribution should account for the instructor having necessary background to teach the course. For instance, only people with media background can teach certain media classes. TAs who have serious writing deficiencies should not be working with the WI course.

3. The quality distribution among the different TA-taught classes should be approximately equal over time. That is, certain courses shouldn't exclusively be taught with the most desirable TAs, leaving other classes with the "left-overs" each time.

4. Decisions about TA distribution should be made based on the good of the department, the TAs, and the students, not on individual faculty member's preferences.