3.3 Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Assistant to Associate Professor

The College of Arts & Science guidelines state "Promotion to associate professor (and the awarding of tenure) reflects a demonstrated potential for developing a national reputation in the discipline."

  1. The Department of Communication expects that Assistant Professors on a probationary appointment will
    A. Engage in quality scholarly research resulting in publication. The Department particularly values publication in national, refereed, scholarly journals and primary - or single - authored articles.
    B. Demonstrate effective classroom teaching. Teaching evaluation should include both peer assessment and student evaluations (TEQ).
    C. Perform useful service including effective advising of graduate students and participation at scholarly conventions. Faculty should be members of the doctoral faculty.
  2. Faculty on probationary appointment will receive annual reviews from the Department Chair. These letters should offer advice about progress toward tenure with specific recommendations for improvements if needed.
  3. Third Year Review Process:
    A. During the spring semester of the third year, the Department Chair in consultation with the probationary faculty member, will select the third year review chair.
    B. Early in the summer, the faculty member will provide the third year review chair with a dossier which conforms to the College of Arts & Science format. The dossier will include a vita, copies of scholarly articles, evidence of teaching effectiveness (including peer teaching evaluations and student TEQ data for each year), and evidence of service. No external letters are solicited for the third year review.
    C. The third year review chair will draft a third year review letter and submit the dossier and the letter to the tenured faculty.
    D. The entire tenured faculty will approve a final draft of the letter near the beginning of the fall semester of the probationary faculty member's fourth year.
    E. Copies of the final letter will be submitted to the probationary faculty member, the chair, and the Dean of the College of Arts & Science by the designated date, typically in late September.
  4. Promotion and Tenure:
    A. Probationary faculty members will normally be candidates for promotion and tenure during the sixth year of their appointment. Faculty members with previous experience or outstanding records may apply for early promotion and tenure. Institutional policies, such as tenure clock stopping, may result in a longer probationary period.
    B. During the early part of the spring semester of the candidate's fifth year, the department chair, in consultation with the candidate, will select a chair for the probationary faculty member's promotion and tenure committee.
    C. The department P&T committee will be comprised of all associate and full professors of the department. If there are fewer than three tenured faculty members (excluding the department chair), additional members will be selected from other associated departments in the college or university.
    D. The candidate will provide a dossier which conforms to the College of Arts & Science format to the P&T committee by the end of the spring semester.
    E. The department chair will solicit external letters of review. The candidate will submit a brief list of suggested outside reviewers. The final list of outside reviewers will include names recommended by the candidate and the P&T committee.
    F. The P&T committee will review the candidate's dossier and the external letters early in the fall of the sixth year. It will vote by secret ballot on a recommendation and submit a letter with its recommendation to the department chair. The P&T committee chair, in consultation with the committee, will write a letter to accompany the recommendation.
    G. The department chair will convey the results of the P&T committee vote to the Dean, along with a separate letter of evaluation from the department chair about the candidate's suitability for promotion and tenure.
  5. These guidelines apply only to faculty hired after 1/1/04