3.31 Promotion and Tenure Publication Expectations

We expect that faculty will produce an average of 2 publications per year, at least 80% of which are published in refereed scholarly journals. Articles published in ranked (i.e., Thomson-Reuters / ISI) journals are particularly valued, with the expectation that approximately half of the minimum expected journal publications should be published in ranked journals. Candidates should demonstrate scholarly independence by publishing some single-authored articles; lead authorship among multiple authors provides some evidence of independence.

It is particularly important for annual reviews (and the third year review) to make clear to probationary faculty how well they are meeting department expectations for research and publication, and to make specific recommendations to remedy weaknesses.

Satisfying the minimum requirements does not constitute a strong case for successful promotion and tenure, nor does it constitute sufficient productivity for an early promotion and tenure review.

The minimum number of 10 publications for promotion and tenure is based on a five-year calculation (2 pubs. X 5 yrs. = 10 publications); and the 80% “rule of thumb” distribution between journal articles to book chapters allows for a minimum of 8 journal articles and 2 book chapters. Finally, “approximately” 4 of the minimum expected 8 journal publications should be published in ranked journals.

Approved August 21, 2014