3.6 Evaluation Criteria for Merit Raises for First Semester Tenure-Track Faculty

As Adopted March 2009

Research: Criteria based on promotion and tenure guidelines with an emphasis on journal publications.

5 Far exceeds expectations, publishing 1 refereed journal article with Missouri affiliation

4 Exceeds expectations, with one or more manuscripts submitted and under review since arriving at MU

3 Meeting expectations; engaged in expected research activities since arriving at MU (e.g., new data collection, data analysis, manuscript preparation)

2 Below expectations; engaged in little research activity since arriving at MU

1 Well below expectations; engaged in no research activity since arriving at MU

Teaching: Criteria based primarily on student evaluations for class(es) taught their first semester at MU.

5 Exceptional teaching quality; typical ratings in the 4.5 and above range*

4 High quality teaching; typical ratings average around a 4.1 to 4.4*

3 Good teaching; typical ratings average around low to mid 3's to 4 range*

2 Marginal teaching; needs improvement

1 Seriously deficient teaching

*based upon a 5 point scale—convert 4 point scale to 5 point scale for now

Service: Criteria based on service to the department, the college/university, and the discipline since beginning work at MU.

5 Includes significant service beyond the expected one level (noted above)

4 Includes service at a minimum of one level (noted above)

3 Shows a willingness to participate in departmental activities (i.e., faculty meetings, colloquium)

2 Shows limited participation in departmental activities

1 Insufficient participation or service