3.9 Evaluation of Faculty Administrative Functions

A number of administrative duties (other than the chair) in the department are large enough to receive reduced teaching loads. As of Fall 2014, these are the Director of Graduate Studies (2 courses per year) and Basic Course Director (2 courses per year).

In order to reflect these duties appropriately in consideration of merit raises, people in these positions should be evaluated for their administrative duties rather than exclusively for teaching, research, and service. The percentage adjustment should be equivalent to the reduced teaching load. As of Fall 2014 this is as follows:

DGS: 20% teaching, 40% research, 10% service, 30% administrative

BCD: 20% teaching, 40% research, 10% service, 30% administrative

When or if other administrative positions develop that warrant reduced teaching load, the percentage distribution will be proportionally the same as these.

To evaluate the administrative duties, the individual will submit a narrative summary of their accomplishments to the personnel. This will include feedback collected on their performance by the chair. The chair will provide input to the personnel committee on the rating since some administrative duties are not visible to the faculty. The personnel committee will make the final evaluation. The following scale will be used in the final calculation for merit pay for administrative duties:

5 exceeds expectations for position by doing more than required and/or exhibiting high quality

4 fulfills all duties and requirements of the position; meets expectations

3 generally fulfills position requirements but leaves a few duties undone or poorly done

2 only fulfills some functions and leaves significant amounts undone; potential for replacement

1 not fulfilling position; likely to be replaced

Clarification of administrative duties versus service for administrative roles: If the duty is a required part of the administrative role that duty if not considered service for evaluation. If it is a voluntary or extra duty as part of their faculty role, it counts as service.

Policy Amended Aug. 21, 2014