4.13 Policy for Comm 1200 Research Participant Assignments

General Guidelines:

  • The Basic Course Director will put out an announcement for requests for research participants near the beginning of each semester including a deadline for responses. Late requests will only be considered if there are still participants available.
  • Researchers should request the specific number of participants they need based on some criteria such as statistical power, need for comparable sample size, or assignment requirements. Requests for more than 100 participants must have specific justification.
  • Students receive no more than 10 points of extra credit (@ 1%) for the semester. Extra credit is based on 30 minutes of activity equals 5 points of extra credit. 60 or more minutes equals 10 points of extra credit.
  • When a researcher's project takes less than 30 minutes (e.g., a short survey), the activity will either receive fewer points or the researcher's project will be pooled with other projects to create a longer activity. For example 2 or more short projects will be combined into a longer survey.
  • In assigning the participants, the Course Director will use the following priorities:
    • Untenured faculty hired for tenure track positions
    • Ph.D. students working on their dissertations
    • MA students working on their theses
    • Faculty working on time sensitive projects (e.g., related to current events)
    • Graduate student class assignments
    • Other faculty research projects
    • Other graduate student research projects
    • Other department projects