4.95 Faculty Workload Policy

Approved April 12, 2017; Revised August 30, 2017


  • The Department of Communication’s “normal” T/TT faculty appointment is a 40-40-20 load (40% research; 40% teaching; 20% service).
    • 40% teaching = four courses per year (2/2 teaching load).
    • Faculty may have reduced teaching loads for administrative duties (e.g., the department chair may have a 1/1 teaching load with redistribution of load devoted to administrative functions).
    • Faculty may reduce teaching loads for other activities (e.g., funded research leave, teaching “buy out” with external grant funding, course reduction for first-year faculty, course reduction for successful third-year review, etc.).
  • Tenured faculty who consistently fall below our minimum expectation for research activity will have a redistribution of their “normal” workload, resulting in a 3/3 teaching load (60% teaching; 20% research; 20% service). The Chair will use the following guidelines to re-distribute faculty workload:
    • Faculty are expected to generate roughly 5 publications or publication equivalent activities as defined by Department Policy 3.7 over a 5-year period. Emphasis will be placed on peer-reviewed articles. Quality indicators can enhance the value of a single publication.
    • A faculty member who falls below these expectations will have their workload redistributed by the Chair. This redistribution will result in the faculty member being reassigned to a 3-3 teaching load for the following year.
    • Once a member of the faculty has been re-assigned to a 3/3 teaching load, a faculty member may return to a “normal” 2/2 teaching load (and 40/40/20 distribution) if the faculty member returns to a level of research productivity consistent with expectations outlined above.
    • Faculty who are re-assigned additional teaching can also be assigned administrative activity that may reduce their overall teaching load.
    • Any faculty member who takes a leave of absence as provided by the university for family/medical reasons will have a year associated with their leave exempted from evaluation.
  • The Department of Communication’s “normal” NTT faculty appointment is an 80-20 load (80% teaching; 20% service).
    • 80% teaching = 8 courses per year (4/4 teaching load).