Colloquium Series Fall 2014

Department  of  Communication Colloquium  Series
University  of  Missouri
Fall 201 4

Friday,  August  29
“Welcome  Back!”

We  will  discuss  upcoming  colloquia  and  get  to  know  one  another.  Keeping  with  tradition  of  what  has  been  done  in  years  past,  bring  an  artifact  to  “show  and  tell”  us something  about  yourself.  

Wednesday,  September  10
(In Memorial  Union  N222/223 from  11:00am-Noon)  
“Straddling  the  World  Split  Open:  Women’s  Page  Editors  in  the  Women’s  Lib  Era”
Dr.  Katherine  Miller
Hugh  Downs  School  of  Human  Communication
Arizona  State  University

Friday,  September 12
“Department  of  Communication  Focus  Area  Meetings”
The  faculty  and  graduate  students  within  each  of  the  Department’s  four  research  focus  areas–Interpersonal Communication,  Mass  Media,  Organizational  Communication,  and  Political  Communication–will  meet  to  discuss issues  and  ongoing  research  projects  within  each  area.

Friday,  September  26
“The  Blackboard  Teaching  and  Design  Bootcamp”
ET@MO  presents  a  special  seminar  to  teach us how  to  effectively  manage  Blackboard  course  sites  and  utilize design  principles  that  improve  alignment  with  course  goals and  effective  grading. The  presentation  is  geared toward  graduate  teaching  assistants,  however all Communication faculty and grad students are welcome.

Friday,  October 17  
(In  the Fred  W.  Smith  Forum – Reynolds  Journalism  Institute)
Political  Communication  Institute’s  Distinguished  Lecture  Series
Dr.  R.  Kelly  Garrett
School  of  Communication
The  Ohio  State  University

Friday,  October  31
Dr.  David  Whillock,  Dean
Bob  Schieffer  College  of  Communication
Texas  Christian  University

Friday,  November  14
“National  Communication  Association  Graduate  Student  Presentations”

Department  of  Communication  graduate  students  who  will  present  papers and  posters at  the  National Communication  Association’s  annual  meeting will  first  share  their research  with  their  MU  colleagues.

Friday,  December  5
Dr.  Ascan F. Koerner

Department  of  Communication  Studies
University  of  Minnesota

(Unless  otherwise  announced,  all  colloquia  meet on  Friday in  001 Switzler  Hall  from  3:00–4:00  pm)