Scholarships and Awards


Curator Scholarships 

Department of Communication Curator Scholarships are given to a select number of students who demonstrate both community involvement and active participation with student organizations through various extracurricular activities, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and have completed 12 hours of course work within the department by the end of the applying semester.

Applications are due in November and announcements are made in November of each year.

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Department Outstanding Senior Awards

Each spring semester, we offer awards to outstanding seniors in the four areas of the department.  The nominations for the awards come from the faculty and teaching staff, and the faculty selects the recipients of the awards.  The criteria for the awards emphasize involvement with the undergraduate program through participation in coursework, research projects, and relevant student activities.  The awards are given out at the Senior Reception on the day of graduation. 

The Awards include:

The Outstanding Senior in Interpersonal Communication (The Mary-Jeanette Smythe Award)
The award is named after a professor emerita who taught in the department for her academic career.  She loved teaching courses in nonverbal communication, gender, language and communication, and interpersonal communication.

The Outstanding Senior in Political Communication

The Outstanding Senior in Organizational Communication

The Outstanding Senior in Mass Media

The G. Joseph Wolfe Award, is given to an outstanding senior who has demonstrated both creative and technical abilities in all phases of media production and has provided noteworthy involvement with student production activities. The award is named after a retired faculty member who taught courses in television production, broadcast law, broadcast history, and film theory.

The Outstanding Senior in Department Service and Leadership (“The Loren Reid Award”) is given to the student who has demonstrated strong leadership skills through their participation in student activities for the department.  The award is named after one of the founding fathers of the department and the discipline of speech communication.  He loved teaching courses in Great Speakers, Persuasion Theory, and Public Address and Rhetoric. 

Past Senior Awards:
Outstanding Senior in Media Production
The G. Joseph Wolfe Award
2018 Yixuan Zhou
2017 Caitlin Shaffrey
2016 Thomas Heney      
2016 Emily Christian      
2015 Mary Herndon       
2014 Daniel Woodward 
2014 Lee Eigner            
2013 Philip Guignon      
2012 Aaron Dewitt         
Outstanding Senior in Interpersonal and Family Communication
The M. J. Smythe Award
2018 Maddison Russell
2017 Layla Torgoley
2016 Anne Dohle           
2015 Bailey Everhart     
2015 Hilary Mueller       
2014 Jennifer Johnston 
2013 Xixi Tian                
2012 Evan Walker         
Outstanding Senior in Organizational Communication Award
2018 Annie M. Bergquist
2017 Sidney Owens
2016 Valencia Seuell     
2015 Hayley Brower      
2015 Lindsey Crabtree  
2014 Ana Popovic         
2013 Megan Monsees   
2012 Yuan Tian             
Outstanding Senior in Mediated Communication
2018 Ethan Morrow
2017 Chandler Farrell
2016 Holly Sias             
2016 Mara Somlo          
2015 Sarah Grill            
2015 Brooke Sushka     
2014 Paige Foerstel      
2013 Derek Hartley       
2012 Meghan Wood      
Outstanding Senior in Political Communication
2018 Yixuan Zhou
2017 Tyger Ligon
2016 Hailey Swanson  
2015 Kaycee Nail          
2014 Rachel Jag           
2013 Devon Slavens     
The Outstanding Senior in Department Service and Leadership
The Loren Reid Award
2018 Amira Harmon
2017 Tyger Ligon
2016 Summer Rash      
2016 Sijie Yao               
2015 Kim Ring              
2014 Brett Dinkins         
2014 Sheridan Brown    
2013 Ashlee Reece       
Summer Internship Scholarship
2018 Lindsay Wright
2016 Paige Ondr           
2016 Andrew Cantwell  
2016 Margaret Garvey  
2016-17 Department of Communication Curator Scholars
Noelle Mack
Hayley Cape
Chandler Farrell
Haven Morris
Amanda Krewson
Yuexin Qian